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International IT careers in the Netherlands

IT careers in The Netherlands

In a changing world driven by globalization and digital revolution, with new technologies eliminating physical boundaries, international IT career opportunities arise. Innovative technological development, like machine learning, big data, robotics, blockchain, virtual reality and digitalization, revolutionize the world beyond our imagination. Complex emerging IT technology demands highly skilled brains.

These trends and hype cycles are changing the international labor markets through new ways of contracting and subcontracting. They are influencing the demand for skilled IT engineers and the distribution of labor across front-running tech hubs and countries like the UK, Germany and The Netherlands. Technology-driven companies require the best possible IT professionals around the globe.

Óscala is the gateway to an international IT career in the Netherlands.

Dutch software development jobs

Óscala is a dynamic and effective IT secondment agency that international Software Developers can trust as a full-service entry to exciting, challenging IT jobs in Holland.

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Why consider an IT career abroad?

Launching your international software developer career will be the adventure of a lifetime. It will be one of the most challenging things in your IT career you’ve ever done. In the end, you will come out of it stronger, smarter, and more resilient… with a very positive effect on your employability.

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Holland paradise for IT expats

There are few places around the world where it is so easy to blend in as in the Netherlands. A number of things make it an international IT expat paradise, from the relatively low cost of living, great work/life balance and a great demand for university educated Software Engineers to the relaxed attitude of the locals and widespread use of the English language. It is hard to find any other place where expat life comes so easily.

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