Hiring process it expats

To join Óscala as an IT expat and work on state-of-art projects at innovative and exciting companies in the Netherlands, we do need to challenge you a little.

Your skill set as an IT professional:

Education:  at least a Bachelor of Science in technology, having completed an interesting thesis
Certifications: as many as you have
References:  not from your mom please!
Projects:  development code, established projects
Experience:  at least two professional years
Languages:  Verbal and written good command
Agile Meth.:  Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, Dev Ops
Back End: Java, Scala, PHP, C#, C++, Ruby on Rails, Groovy, Spring
Front End: Angular, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Mobile: Android, IOS
Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Mongo, Elastic Search

Óscala’s hiring process

Once our expectations are defined, the hiring process roughly looks like this:

  • We receive your CV.
  • CV is vetted for things like work experience, technologies, and skills.
  • Pre-interview conducted via phone, performed by one of our Recruiters
  • Technical and motivational interview, ideally face-to-face at one of our offices

Whether you are an applicant headhunted on LinkedIn, have responded to our ad campaign or being referred by a colleague, it all starts with a friendly chat with one of our recruiters. This first step is to try to understand who you are, as well as tell you a bit about ourselves, what our story is, our challenges and see with you if you’d be interested in joining our great adventure.

In the second interview we will cover the basics of computer science, programming, database knowledge,  level of business sense, and the reasons for choosing an international Software Engineer career.