Salary IT professionals in The Netherlands

The salary package for IT professionals in The Netherlands is very competitive. Working conditions are among the best of Europe



Average Software Developer salaries in The Netherlands range from 40k euros gross up to 80k per annum, depending on the specific skills and the experience required. Highly skilled workers like Software Developers are in great demand in the Netherlands, so much so that there is a very attractive 30 percent tax ruling for international employees.

Holiday and public holidays

Every employee is entitled to 25 holiday days a year. Moreover,  Holland counts 7 public bank holidays, New Year, Easter, Kingsday (April 27th), Ascension Day, Whitsun, Christmas and Boxing Day.

Holiday pay

All employees receive a yearly holiday pay of 8% of their gross annual salary which is paid out in May or June. If you leave the company earlier, the accumulated holiday pay should be paid out to you in the month your contract is terminated.

Personal training budget

To broaden and enhance your software skills there is a generous annual training budget.

Health insurance

Everyone living in The Netherlands is obliged to participate in the health insurance scheme (in Dutch: zorgverzekering). As your employer we will pay part of the insurance. The other part, the so called nominal fee, is to be paid by the employee. As a rough estimate you can expect to pay around €100 a month, depending on the additional insurance packages you choose.

Pension scheme

Like most employers we are included in a collective pension scheme. The employee contributes monthly an amount deducted from their salary and as your employer we will also make a contribution. If your contract finishes, there are ways to transfer the built-up funds to another pension fund.

Working as IT expat in Holland

Living as an IT expat in Holland is very comfortable. Living standards are very high. Work balance is excellent, leaving you with enough free time to discover the Netherlands. More information: Working and living in the Netherlands.