Why Óscala?

Óscala strives to offer the best possible personnel services to both its clients and candidates. Our approach to IT staff secondment not only addresses the needs of the organizations but also those of our candidates.

We understand that going abroad for work is a big step. It has an impact, both on your social and personal life. Those who dare to take the leap abroad will find out that this journey will boost their career. However, meanwhile, Óscala’s team makes sure that our candidates experience a smooth transition, minimizing culture shocks and other unpleasant experiences.

We believe that your venture as an Expat becomes the fundamental part of our collaboration. The way we do it is by properly setting expectations about the companies, the required set of skills and the projects in which you will participate. We contribute in improving your career path, not only by seeking new challenges but also supporting and guiding you. Our work does not end with your assignment, Óscala will assist you for example with housing facilities and by making sure you keep your development skills up to date in order to stay marketable.

You are in good hands. We at Óscala have more than 20 years of experience in matching internationally oriented IT professionals like you with exciting job opportunities. We are based in Holland to serve our corporate clients but we also work locally from our office in Spain to support you in the first stage of your expat journey.

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