Dutch IT careers

Over the past years the Netherlands has become a popular destination for global IT professionals to start or continue a Dutch IT career.

The many international IT companies that are based in the Netherlands, compete in a global business contest and look for IT talent, broad-mindedness and diversity in the workplace. Due to a strong economic growth and the corresponding changes in employment trends, the local Dutch IT workforce is not sufficient to meet the increasing demand for labour. Consequently Dutch companies are looking at hiring international IT professionals who are willing to start their IT career in Holland.

You should also know that most multinationals based in Holland mandate English as corporate language. This is a big advantage over other countries and makes it also easy to acculturate since the Dutch speak better English than probably any non-native population in continental Europe. Moreover, it makes consequently the process of integration of IT expats in the Netherlands considerably easier.

In terms of location, IT firms and European hubs are generally located in the major cities in the west of the country, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague (collectively known as the “Randstad”) and Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. Bear in mind though that Holland is a small-scale country, so everything is reachable without too much effort, and public transportation is very reliable, accessible and easy to use.

Requirements for an international IT career in the Netherlands

Our Dutch clients are looking for professional IT candidates with a higher level educational background, relevant work experience and good communication and programming skills.

Requirements for a Dutch IT career:

  • You have a Bachelor or Master level education in computer science and programming and have at least 1-2 years of IT work experience
  • You have a decent knowledge of the English language
  • You have solid experience in a development or programming role, covering one or more of the following subjects:
    • Scala / Java software development
    • C# / .Net software development
    • PHP / Python / Ruby software development
    • C / C++ software development
    • Database management & development (Oracle, SQL, MySQL)
    • Front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJS, JQuery) (technical, not (only) creative)
    • Some certifications are strongly preferred, for example MCSE

We are constantly looking for IT professionals

Are you interested in starting a Dutch IT career? Óscala is always looking for skilled IT professionals.

Scala developer jobs

We are always in need of passionate Scala developers who are looking for the best in themselves and for our Dutch clients.

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Java developer jobs

At Óscala we continuously have Dutch vacancies for Medior and Senior Java developers with an university degree.

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Front-end developer jobs

Are you looking for the best front-end development job opportunities? Do you want to be part of highly skilled IT teams that are developing (parts of) digital products that are used by millions of international customers?

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Mobile developer jobs

We are always looking for excellent iOS and Android developers that have a true passion for mobile technologies and the skills to build high-performance applications using cutting-edge technologies.

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