Front-end developer jobs and vacancies in The Netherlands

Providing a great web user experience is crucial, and we’re always looking for talented front-end web developers who are able to reach the next level. As a Front End Developer you will typically work in agile environments to conceive, describe and craft beautifully ad useful digital experiences,  as part of a wider multi-disciplinary team. You will work on high profile projects, translate designs into code and design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable front-end code. Proficiency in JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 is always a must, as is a keen interest in new technologies. For our Front-End Developer vacancies we are looking for creative spirits with a design drive and an energetic and self-motivated mentality. By joining Óscala, you’ll get the opportunity to work on client projects with a team of highly skilled front-end experts.

We are continuously looking for Front-end Developers

For a variety of digital acceleration projects at several multinationals (energy, finance, consumer products) we are continuously looking for senior Frontend developers. To add new features in the digital interaction with millions of users these Developers need to be fluent in HTML, CSS and have a command of JavaScript to a sufficient level to be involved in architecture and core, code frameworks. Mostly, a minimum of 5 years of experience in front-end development is required for our job openings in the Netherlands.

What does a Front-end development career in Holland mean?

The career outlook for Front-end developers in Holland is very positive. There is a high demand for experience in Front-end development, as the economy is booming and the need for exceptional web experiences eminent. For a Front-end Developer to have a successful career in the Netherlands you not only need to be an expert in HTML/CSS and JavaScript, but also master many or all of the following: JQuery, Frontend and JavaScript Frameworks (like Angular), RESTful services and API, Git, Cross-browser and CMS development and responsive and mobile design. Furthermore, what you need in order to be a first class Front-end lead or Senior developer is a good understanding of the development process from A to Z, an open mind and a kick for learning new things every day in your job.

The demand in the Netherlands for excellent Front-end Developers by far exceeds the supply.  It is very easy for international front-end professionals to fit in the Dutch front-end community since most businesses are broadminded, international oriented and have English as the main language. Internationals do need to exceed the average, and have superior technical skills.

Excellent salaries, high demand, solid job security, and plenty of options for mobility are just some of the benefits that come with a career in web development. Learning the skills you’ll need in order to earn these benefits may well be challenging, but you will be surprised how many doors they can open.

What Dutch companies are hiring Front-end Developers?

For any business with a website, Front–end developers are debatably one of their most important hires. Their code, UI sensibility, and capacity to work with both (back-end) tech and design teams determines how people will interpret the company or brand. Visit IT job openings for our current Front-end development vacancies.