Java developer vacancies and job opportunities in The Netherlands

Our portfolio of international Java software projects at our clients offer challenging and dynamic learning opportunities. The expertise and knowledge that seems important today, may be obsolete tomorrow. It is important to keep up and adapt new technologies. We encourage our people to further develop their skills in dynamic, learning environments, where quality and solidness of deliverables are key. At Óscala we are always looking for Java talent, so check out the profiles in our Java developer vacancies and we assure you that a challenging Java job opportunity in a dynamic environment is waiting.

What does a Java developer career in the Netherlands mean?

Holland is a fantastic place to work and live as a Java developer. The economy is doing very well, resulting in a large number of career opportunities. With most of the big businesses and start-ups relying heavily on cutting-edge technology there is a high demand for tech professionals, in particular highly qualified Software engineers and Java developers. The local supply of university-trained software developers is far from sufficient, which makes recruiters look over the borders and source talent from all over the world. Java developers are a good example of this development. Java certified software engineers who choose to come to the Netherlands to further their career will enjoy an enormous boost in their professional development, in terms of in-depth knowhow, skills, training, autonomy, and so on. As soon as a Senior Java professionals is adjusted to the local circumstances and company culture, the door is wide open to grow in to a role with additional responsibilities like tech lead or architect.

We are always looking for Java Development professionals

At Óscala we are continuously open for hiring dedicated and flexible Java Developers.  Do you want to be part of fast growing, agile team of experienced Java Developers (and Testers) who put quality and joy in technology first in their jobs? You will use your undisputed technical knowledge and vision to help build world-class software with your team. You will work with technologies, tools, and frameworks such as Java, SOAP, REST, Spring, Maven, Jenkins, Angular JS, Scrum and Elastic Search. In general, at least 5 years’ senior-level experience as a Java Developer / Architect and excellent knowledge of (most of) the technologies, tools and frameworks as mentioned above.

What companies in the Netherlands hire Java Developers?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages and is also widely used in the Netherlands. Many applications are developed using Java. The reason for its popularity is because of its robustness, fast and portable which can run on any operating system such as Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Visit our page IT job openings for current Java developer vacancies.