Mobile app development vacancies and job openings in The Netherlands

Within the IT industry there are lots of career paths one can take. But one field that recently has seen a tremendous rise in popularity in vacancies and job openings, is that of Mobile App Development. With almost 5 billion mobile phone users globally, mobile devices have become ever-present. And using Mobile Apps for everything from shopping, listening to music, paying the bills or playing video games has become commonplace.

Leading innovators who possess both the development skills and business acumen to operate at a fast and accurate speed. Using the latest technologies to combine (global) data, software and services to create innovative concepts and solutions that will help Óscala customers gain a digital  competitive edge.

We are always looking for excellent iOS and Android developers who have a true passion for mobile technologies and the skills to build high-performance applications using cutting-edge technologies. Visit our page IT job openings for current Mobile App Developer vacancies and job openings in Holland.

Which Dutch companies hire Mobile App Developers?

There is a healthy demand for mobile app developers in Dutch companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is a big corporation, IT company, small business, start-up, design or media agency, all are looking for highly specialized mobile development talent to fulfill their vacancies / job openings.

What does a Mobile App development career in the Netherlands mean?

The demand for new and innovative mobile apps continues to grow, also in the Netherlands. Because of this rapid growth there are plenty of job opportunities for Mobile App developers;

the demand for mobile app developers far exceeds the supply at the moment. Over the next few years the job market is expected to grow substantially, and this will mainly involve work on iOS and Android apps.

We are always looking for Mobile App Development professionals

We are always looking for world class mobile developers who excel at building mobile apps and are not intimidated by challenging problems. Self-motivated, team oriented Programmers with proven experience of implementing, maintaining and supporting Mobile Technology. Minimal requirements; native iOS development (Swift, Objective-C) and/or native Android development (Java).

As an example of a typical project: we are currently hiring developers for building applications in a service oriented architecture with Angular 2 (with TypeScript) for web and NativeScript  for mobile. The professional experience required for these jobs are: * building apps for iOS and/or Android,  * Javascript Software Developer (>2 years) and backend experience (>1 year, Java, .Net, PHP, Node.js, REST-based interfaces), * building Single Page Applications using Javascript frameworks like Angular, React or Backbone, * experience with Node.js is a plus, and * experience with Agile (Scrum, Pair Programming, Code Reviews). If your background similar in terms of seniority and complexity, get in touch with us or regularly check out our job openings section for specific Mobile App Development vacancies.