Why international?

Working in a foreign country is not an obvious ambition for every IT professional but it can be very exciting and positive, both for your personal and professional development.

Accept a fantastic challenge and broaden your horizon

Living abroad is one of the most satisfying and challenging things a person can do. You will have to adapt to a new culture and a different way of life. Engaging yourself in a foreign environment requires flexibility and determination. That might not be easy at the beginning but it is a great life lesson. You will find yourself becoming more independent, strengthen your character and build lasting and significant relationships. The time abroad will change you forever.

Kick-start your IT career

In this period of economic and financial instability, it can be a good alternative to go abroad if you cannot find the job you hoped for in your own country. In countries like Holland that struggle less to pull out of recession, unemployment rates are relatively low and you are more likely to get a good job with a competitive salary, benefits and perks. Something to consider if you feel like that you are not finding the opportunities you are hoping for in your own country.

Developing your (IT) skills set

Foreign companies have their own culture and particular way of working. This can be very interesting for you as you will learn to see the things from a different angle. Your employer will teach you skills and pass on knowledge that will enable you to be more efficient. By broadening your perspective, you will get a better understanding of the scope of your activities. You will become more creative in developing relevant initiatives.

Getting more international IT career opportunities

Career development opportunities are significantly improved by a period spent working abroad. Working internationally gives you an edge over others. You will master another language than your native one. Multilingual employees are a real asset for any multinational company.

The second reason is that you will get to understand different work cultures and see the way people communicate.  The third and last reason is that by going abroad is that you can show hiring managers that you have determination and ambition. Two qualities every employer is looking for.

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