International IT careers in Eindhoven

Considering an IT career in Eindhoven? We can introduce you to the finest international IT companies in Eindhoven or the rest of the Netherlands. Eindhoven (often referred to as “brainport”) has a thriving IT industry. On our website you will find the latest IT job opportunities in the region.

About Eindhoven

Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands, is the fifth largest city in the country with a population of about 212,000, almost a third of whom are foreigners.

Though founded in 13th century the expansion of Eindhoven lasted till late 19th century when the Philips brothers founded the small light bulb factory that would grow into one of the largest electronics firms in the world.

The influence of Philips on the city was so powerful that Eindhoven has come to be known as the City of Light. Philips also attracted and spun off many high tech companies, helping transform Eindhoven into a major technology hub offering interesting software development job opportunities. While most of Philips’ industries have now moved out of Eindhoven, about one quarter of the jobs in the region are nevertheless in the technology and IT sectors. The city is the centre of the so-called Brainport region which is together with the Schiphol Airport and the Rotterdam Harbour one of the three economic pillars of the country. The overall growth of the economy in this area in past few years has been one and half times higher than nationally.

The Eindhoven High Tech Campus, which covers an area of 100 hectares, is a centre of technology and innovation. It is a home to more than a hundred companies that are working together on the development of new technologies. So much research is going on in the region that recently the Intelligent Community Forum named Eindhoven the world’s most intelligent community.

Eindhoven is also renowned as the capital of Dutch industrial design. The Design Academy Eindhoven, once called “The School of Cool” by Time Magazine, is the Netherlands’ most prestigious design school.

Recently Eindhoven has developed a trendy hub, Strijp-S, where young innovative generation mingle and exchange ideas to innovative projects. This area of old Philips factories is now a centre of fine dining, flexible working, creating new trends and a cool place to hang out and start your IT career. Many new companies have their work space here and after work you can enjoy the great view and atmosphere at some of the area’s great dining places.

Thanks to the Eindhoven Airport the city is easily accessible from almost any part of Europe and thus connected with the rest of the world. Furthermore within 140 kilometers you can reach several other big cities in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. Within the city itself, everything is easily reachable by public transport or by bike.

IT development jobs in Eindhoven

We often have interesting IT development jobs in the Eindhoven area. These job openings range from Java, Scala, C#, .net, Front-End, Back-End to Mobile Development and many more. Visit the page IT job openings for IT career opportunities in the region.